Karina Talamantes is a newly-elected Trustee for the Sacramento County Board of Education in Area 2. Karina's near decade of experience as an educator and career counselor allows her to be a strong advocate for Sacramento students, educators, and community members.

Karina’s students-first philosophy makes her a leader and champion for students in and out of the classroom. Inside the classroom, she has advocated for students as a substitute teacher and student-translator in special education programs.

Outside of the classroom, Karina has advocated for students at the national level, including at the U.S. Department of Education, where she worked with the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence to help close the achievement gaps among public school students nationwide.

Karina has hands-on experience helping thousands of low-income students continue their post-secondary education.  She has worked for several college access programs, such as Early Academic Outreach Program, Upward Bound, and Educational Talent Search. During her tenure, she provided academic advising, financial literacy, proctored college entrance exams, and provided additional resources to students in the greater Sacramento area, including the following high schools: Rio Linda, Grant, Foothill, Burbank, and Florin.

Her personal experiences have given her a genuine understanding of the everyday struggles and barriers working families continue to face. She is the daughter of immigrants, and attended public schools with her brother and sisters. With the support of caring educators and student success programs, Karina graduated high school prepared for college and the workforce. Karina received her Bachelor’s of Science in Community and Regional Development from the University of California, Davis.  Since then, she has devoted her life to helping other families achieve the same success California's public-school system gave her. 

Karina's key focuses will be college and career readiness, advancing educational equity, and supporting our educators. As a career counselor and small business owner, she understands the need to provide students with rigorous academic education in addition to practical job skills, in order to build a vibrant workforce and economy.